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We can offer it for free, because we charge for other features that aren’t chatbot related.

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PromptPal is transforming the AI landscape by providing users with unlimited free access to an array of advanced AI models including ChatGPT 4 Turbo, Dall-E, Google Bard, Llama, and Stable Diffusion.
This is made feasible through a freemium business model, where basic AI services are free, and revenue is generated from advanced paid features.

Key points about PromptPal's offering:

Unlimited AI Access: Users can enjoy free, unrestricted use of various AI models. (source)
Freemium Services: While AI access is free, PromptPal profits from premium services that include advanced features. (source)
Content and Collaboration: The free plan includes limits on teams, projects, and collections, incentivizing users to upgrade for more functionality.
Exclusive Premium Content: Certain prompts and bots are premium and require a subscription for access.
Future Features: PromptPal plans to introduce more sophisticated, paid-only features in the future.

Cost and Open Source Aspects:

Declining AI Computing Costs: The overall cost of computing for AI is decreasing, suggesting lower operational costs for PromptPal over time.
Open Source Preference: PromptPal advocates for open source AI, which is generally cheaper to run than proprietary models like ChatGPT.
Trend Towards Open Source: The platform anticipates that open source AI will grow in popularity, leading to further cost reductions.
Through these strategies, PromptPal is able to maintain its commitment to free AI access while positioning itself for stable growth and development as computing costs decline and the open-source movement gains traction.

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Written by

Dean Fankhauser
Dean Fankhauser

Dean Fankhauser is the Founder and CEO of PromptPal